Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus
The G.D. Jones Elementary School, in partnership with Safe Kids to School Marathon County and the Marathon County Health Department, is the first Wausau School District Elementary School with this special program. 

What is a Walking School Bus?  Walking School buses are groups of students and an adult leader who walk to school together. The group has a specific route, start time, and frequency-just as a school bus would. The group starts out at the same time every morning and picks up the students at each “walk stop” where they are waiting. 

You and your child are welcome to join the walking school bus. Refer to the route map for the designated walk stops and estimated arrival times for each stop; please make sure your child is at the stop and ready to walk with the walking school bus before this time. If you would like to join your child on the walk, please come along! 
If you want to participate, but the bus does not have any convenient “walk stops” near you, please contact Destinee Raiten, Marathon County Public Health Educator at 715-261-1931 to discuss options that will allow your child to join. 

How can you help?
We are looking for adult leaders to lead the walking school bus to or from school. All Walking School Bus Leaders will have a background check performed. If you would like to be a walking school bus leader contact Jenn Golbach, Parent Partnership Coordinator, at 715-261-0954 to begin the volunteer application.  Joining as a volunteer is not a year-long commitment. Let us know which days and shifts (am or pm) work for you. The best part of the walking school bus is that parents can take turns as leaders. We will also need substitutes if any of our leaders cannot walk on their day. 

With your support the Walking School Bus at G.D. Jones will be great success!


Safe Routes to School
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