Homework Club and After School Programs

G.D. Jones Elementary School
21st Century Learning Center
After School Activities

Homework Club

Homework club is a program only being offered in grades 3, 4 & 5. The program provided an opportunity for students to improve his/her academic skills by getting help with homework by a trained tutor. Students met every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Before and After School Literacy/Language Enrichment/Tutoring Program!
This is a program being offered to students who would benefit from the extra resources and help.  This program provided an opportunity for students to improve his/her academic skills in the area of writing, reading, language development and homework help from a certified teacher. Before school sessions met Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s and after school sessions met Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s.  

PlayWrite’s Workshop 
The PlayWrite’s Workshop is an after-school program for students who need more practice in learning important literacy skills.  In addition to homework help, students became better readers, writers, and speakers through studying topics such as Native Americans, community, wild weather, and other fun subjects. The PlayWrite’s Workshop is taught by a certified teacher.  Students showed what they have learned through writing and performing plays.  Students met on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s. 

Reading Together
This program provides supplemental one-on-one reading tutoring to second and third grade students by 4th and 5th graders to ensure students are reading on grade level by the end of the school year. The program supports the reading/language arts curriculum and the lessons are designed to improve reading vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, as well as build confidence. Students meet on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s. 

This was an opportunity to learn and play volleyball in a fun, safe, supervised environment.  Literacy and math was infused in the daily activities.  Students were encouraged to do their best with their abilities. Student focused on basic skill development (passing, setting and serving) as well as team offense, defense and communication. This program built confidence and self esteem in each child.
Community Cultural Dance Club
Children had the opportunity to learn Southeast Asian dances.  They performed at various events throughout the school year.  They met on Friday’s this year.

Walking Club: Wednesday’s
Walking Wednesday’s is an opportunity for students to walk during their lunch hour.  They have to walk 20 laps around the playground to earn a foot on a chain (5 miles walked). Small prizes are given for miles walked.
Video Club (4th and 5th grades)  Oct. 28th- May 1st
Students involved in this program write scripts, act scenes, and edit footage to create videos modeling G.D. Jones expectations.  These videos are then shared with staff to view and show to their students. Then each class signs up for a time to actually go thru the expected behavior or it is displayed during a school-wide assembly.  This program is lead by guidance counselor, Cassie Cerny.  She currently is working on entering some of these videos into a contest.